“Don’t ever do this with a Holga,” the lab tech said to me as he held up my 120N and roll of Kodak 35mm film. “I can’t get pictures out of the film when do that.”

I was a bit confused; “this is the third or fourth roll of 35mm I’ve run through this camera,” I said. The whole process is called Sprocket Hole Photography, because of the film’s smaller size and the medium-format camera’s ability to use that magic ribbon in its entirety. Admittedly the first roll I shot was a disaster. To shoot 135 in a 120 camera you have to tape the ever-livin’ crap out of it, because there is no backing paper on the film. But somehow the layers and layers of tape I added to the outside wasn’t enough to keep light from coming through the rear window. One the second roll and taped smarter – in and out – and got way better results. But bad or good, I still got results from running 135 film through a 120 camera.

When I picked up the roll the tech looked straight at me and said, “I was wrong; it worked!” And those pix are below, taken in Bellevue Washington on June 3rd and 4th 2013.


Highland Skate Plaza, Bellevue WA

Lomo Flores



Lomo Flores II

Big Yellow



Double Plug

Lomo Flores III

More about Sprocket Hole Photography at MAKEzine


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